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CaptC is a singer songwriter with a growing following for my music, which feature colorful stories and characters, humorous lyrics, ear-catching melodies, and wry takes on romance and modern life. 

Chris Micheal

Doug-Macdonald Band

Embarazada Embarazada is the solo project of vocalist Jeannie Fry (lead singer of My Little Eye). Embarazada is an electropop band with layers of sound and harmonies.

Felix the phoenix I’m a producer of chill out music from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Chinese American born in Vietnam.  Came to the us when I was very young.  I play the piano by ear ; but not well enough to perform; only to compose music.  I’m also a singer.  I’m age 50 ; music late bloomer.  Been producing for the past 18 years.

Mad Painter

Mindset off Looping Band from Düsseldorf, Germany

My Little Eye My Little Eye is a New York City band wallowing in obscurity but NOT FOR LONG! We play indie rock songs with unique lyrics and make quirky videos for them. 


Scott Alan Savoy

Shawn Adam Williams

SilverCreek is a solo indie singer/songwriter based out of Winchester, Kentucky. All original haunting, but beautiful Melodie’s are writen from SilverCreek based on life, love and trauma. My latest single called “ Sick “ is up for release 12/08/2023 through regroup record’s. Season’s in me and Nut Case are up for release I’m waiting on a release date and pre-save link through regroup record’s and my single “ The Right Time is available on all platforms. 

Stacked Recorded at a motel using the Dolby on APP. I sang most songs on a whim.

Suck the Bunny from Louisville, KY, United States, Kentucky has a funk feel with cool beats and lyrics.

The Mutes Hailing from the heart of Detroit, Michigan, “The Mutes” epitomize the spirit of ’90s rock with a sound as vibrant as their lifelong friendship. This quartet of highly skilled musicians, who grew up playing music together, delivers upbeat rock tunes that resonate with the energy of their hometown.

The Real Louie Summerfield

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