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Authentic Dissent Authentic Dissent is a metal band based in Nashua, NH.  Our newest song “Rise Again” was released as a digital single in December 2022.  In 2021, we released the single “First Shot” as well as our debut CD “Gradually…Then Suddenly.”We are working on new material to be released in 2023 and we are also looking to book live show performances in New England. We play metal in the style of Judas Priest, Metallica (Black Album era), Dokken, Scorpions, Accept, etc. 

Purging Sin We are a heavy metal band that brings back the old school sound. No images or gimmicks.

Randy Loader is a guitarist and songwriter. I write both instrumentals and songs from hard rock to metal and everything in between. I have a few different collaboration projects going where I write and perform all the music and send it to singers for lyrics and vocals. I sing on some of my own songs as well.

Randy Loader and Renita Zantel Ranz and Renita started their collaboration Feb 2023 and it quickly turned into a realization that they had to release their first album together.
Their first album will be 12 tracks. Randy ~Ranz~ Lodder
Through the years…. Ranz worked his way through many bands and genres of music as a lead guitarist. He was creating and playing in original Seattle Hard Rock bands: Dagger, Project Gunhead, Distant Thunder, and Balance.
Ranz was one of the primary songwriters. He was one of the first ones in the Seattle music scene to use 7 string guitars. After moving to El Paso, TX he teamed up with an Austin TX country music veteran George Ransom and formed the Hard Rock/Country original band Ransom. Their first demo sparked major label interest. From there…. over the years, he has written and recorded multi-genre original songs and instrumentals, enough to produce a couple of albums.
Ranz recently found a new passion in audio production, mixing, and mastering. Ranz is working tirelessly to bring his combined new passions, Renzita, and production, to fruition.

Slight of Mind Slight of Mind is a Power Metal quartet from Berkley Massachusetts